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Tortoises for Sale in the UK

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Date : 13/06/2010  

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We have recently lost our beloved pet hermans tortoise around Drayton, Banbury area. Please contact me with any information. Thank You.


United Kingdom  

Hermann Tortoises (Male & Female)

Date : 18/08/2010  

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Two Hermann Tortoises (Shelly & Charlie) Age 4 years complete with 4` vivarium complete with all necessary and correct equipment. Great personalities and get on well together. Must stay together as best friends! May breed. £450 incl viv.
Darlington, Co.Durham


United Kingdom  

5yr old horsefield tortoise  -  SOLD 

Date : 13/08/2010  


5yr old Male Horsefield tortoise.
With 3ft vivarium, thermostatic control, heat lamp, UV light for cooler weather, currently living outdoors.
Has hibinated last 3 years. £250


United Kingdom  

pair of Herman Tortoises  -  SOLD 

Date : 12/08/2010  


5 yr old malefemale pair.
£300 each or £500 for the pair.
reluctant sale to loving home


United Kingdom  

UK Bred Spur-Thighed Tortoises £70.00  -  SOLD 

Date : 10/08/2010  


We have some of this year`s UK bred Spur-Thighed tortoises (Testudo Graeca Ibera) available to good homes. These are one of the most suitable species for the UK climate and will come with Article 10 certificates issued by Animal HealthUK CITES


United Kingdom  

Breeding pair red foots  -  SOLD 

Date : 08/08/2010  


Breeding pair of red foots for sale, male is 15 female is 12, both uk bred and unrelated, very healthy and get on well together, female has laid eggs for the last 4 years with 100% success rate, would like a caring and loving home for them.

Sorry but won`t split, after £400 for the pair.


United Kingdom  

Wanted: Wanted 3-4 years old Hermann FEMALEs  -  SOLD 

Date : 05/08/2010  


I have a male whom i`ve had since a baby, i`m willing to travel but would really like to get him a `friend` or maybe two to play with or have relations with. Can you help us?


United Kingdom  

A Pair of Horsefield Tortoises for sale  -  SOLD 

Date : 18/07/2010  


1 male and 1 female Horsefield Tortoises (mates) for sale. They are both 4 years old and very lively, comes with housing (vivarium, with lighting and heating). Buyer must collect. £500 or nearest offer.



Hermann``s Tortoise (Male) 5 Years Old  -  SOLD 

Date : 13/07/2010  


Answers to the name of `Sid`. Complete with EC Certificate. Good & healthy. Regret sale, schoolhomework taken over! Includes vivarium, all lamps & necessary equipment. Located North Essex. Only £200 ready to go. Can deliver at cost.


United Kingdom  

Herman Tortorises (Male & Female) -  SOLD 

Date : 07/07/2010  


Victor is 5inches long and Marg is 7inches
Iíve had them for nearly 5 years & when I got them
they were about 4 to 5 years old
They come with their certificates too

Looking for a Good home for them to ideally stay together
Come complete with the heated vivarium

Asking for around £500, I am in Petts Wood, Kent (near Bromley) and would prefer collection.


United Kingdom  

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