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Tortoises for Sale in the UK

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2 Horsefield Tortoises with 5ft vivarium  -  SOLD 

Date : 21/10/2009  


Two 7year old female horsefield tortoises with 5ft vivarium,ultraviolet light,feeding bowl and ceramic heat lamp included.Certificates lost in house move but purchased locally in NorthWest England.Very reluctant to sell but 5 month old baby takes up all our time these days!
500.00 offers considered


United Kingdom  

baby spurthigh tortoise  -  SOLD 

Date : 03/10/2009  


We have some baby spurthighs for sale ranging from 6 weeks to 9 months old all healthy and eating well and very active we breed them ourselves in Nottinghamshire so both parents can be seen and all have the relavent artical 10 paperwork any help and advice freely given just call.


United Kingdom  

Hermans tortoises for sale.  -  SOLD 

Date : 01/10/2009  


Two 4 year old tortoises for sale both males, Very healthy. Both come with certificates, and housing.150.00 each.


United Kingdom  

2 year old Hermann Tortoise  -  SOLD 

Date : 04/09/2009  


Toby is a 2 year old Hermann tortoise looking for a new home. He is very active and cute
and Included in the sale is
*Wooden indoor pen 56 x 56 cm
*Water pool and rocks etc to create the right environment
*UVAB light
*Heat lamp
*Food dish, and calcium powder
275 ono


United Kingdom  

baby spurthigh tortoises  -  SOLD 

Date : 04/09/2009  


We have some baby spurthighs for sale all eating well and happy, we breed them ourselves so both parents can be seen and they all have the relavant artical 10 paperwork any questions just get in touch.
Price 90 each


United Kingdom  

3 Female Hermann Tortoise For Sale  -  SOLD 

Date : 01/09/2009  


I have for sale 3 Hermann Tortoise they are female and 4 years old. They are microchipped and wormed, they eat really well and are very healthy. I am also selling Hermann Hatchlings, they are just adorable and very cute!! They are eating very well and growing! They all have their A10 certificates.


United Kingdom  

Spur Thighed Tortoises - For Sale  -  SOLD 

Date : 29/08/2009  


Young captive bred Spur Thighed tortoises now available.
I have bred tortoises over the years but have never parted with any until now. I have several for sale ages, 5 years, 4 years and 3 years with DEFRA licence now available.

Please contact me for more information.
UK Only


United Kingdom  

Wanted: female Herman tortoise  -  SOLD 

Date : 26/08/2009  


I am looking for a female Herman over 4 years old, she will live in a greenhouse with my male Herman with access to the garden have been looking for 6 months where are they all. Joan


United Kingdom  


Date : 26/08/2009  




United Kingdom  

Two Horsefield toroises and Vivarium  -  SOLD 

Date : 13/08/2009  


Two young hosrefield tortoises both 10 months old for sale. To include a vivarium and accessories. Ideal for new starter. Tortoises are approx 7 and 10 centimetres.


United Kingdom  

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