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"In the first week of starting the classifieds section 6 tortoises found new homes" - pettortoise



Why advertise on Pettortoise?
Pettortoise is one the most popular 'tortoise as pets' places in the world and attracts on average 5000 potential buyers a month viewing the ‘Tortoises for Sale' adverts alone - from all corners of the globe!

Here's some figures... based on 2005 / 2006 Site Traffic Statistics
Pettortoise receives over 400 visits (19488 Hits) per day and of that traffic the most popular page viewed is the 'Tortoises for Sale' - it sees over a staggering 1000 views a week!!! - (which accounts for all the emails!)

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Why has Pettortoise started allowing the advertising of tortoises ?
Over the years we’ve had countless enquiries from other countries, species we don’t keep and as always when we basically have none left (as they don’t grow on trees!) as a result we are far than able to meet any demand let alone answer all the emails so we decided to allow breeders and keepers to advertise their offspring and cherished pets to new owners.

How much does it cost ?
To place an advert with an image on Pettortoise for 1 Month is $16 USD or £8 GBP -  via PayPal.

How do I place an advert?
Fill in the ‘New Advert’ form below and press submit, by submitting your advert you are agreeing to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ found below. Remember for security and interest of all no personal details are to be included in the ‘Advert Message’.

How do I pay ?
After your advert has been accepted you will receive a PayPal invoice via email (please note you do not need a PayPal account - accepted cards are shown below), when payment has been cleared the submitted advert will be placed live for the period of 1 month from date of going live, adverts are listed in date order of newest first.


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Terms and Conditions

Adverts will go live once payment has been cleared, the advert will remain fully active for length of the contract.

Pettortoise have the right to refuse any advert and in extreme cases remove a live advert at anytime where deemed necessary (this is judged if for any reason an advert causes unwanted reactions or nuisance to visitors) 

In the interest of buyers and sellers security the ‘Advert Message’ has restricted content, this includes and excludes but is not exclusive to… No Contact Details (address, phone, email, initial contact will be though email via the advert email link to prevent spamming), No HTML, No Website Addresses or Hyperlinks. Only Tortoises or Turtles are to be advertised that are legally owned by the seller, including correct documentation and status where applicable. Advert length is restricted to 300 characters.

The advert content, images and animals sold are solely the responsibility of the seller to state clearly the details of the specimens advertised. It’s the responsibility of the seller to check that the new owner has the knowledge required to correctly care for the specimen(s) being offered before a sale is made.

As the title of the advert generally indicates the species being advertised then each advert must contain only a single specimen for sale, unless they are: "numerous hatchlings", "a pair of tortoises" or "a group of tortoises" these are all acceptable but must be of the same species.

Sellers submitting images must only submit their own of which they have full intellectual rights to (no copyright material allowed), by submitting an image full permission is given to have them displayed at Pettortoise including advertising if cross linked, Images are restricted on upload to 500k, Images will be automatically resized, watermarked ( ) and thumbnail created by Pettortiose software.

An advert may be withdrawn/removed from the site at the request of the advertiser before the expiry date. Amendments to live adverts may be subject to an administration fee for each time an amendment is required.

It is the responsibility of the seller to inform Pettortoise when an animal is sold, in order to prevent potential buyers disappointment, once notified these adverts will have the contact link disabled by means of marking ‘SOLD’ and may remain listed until the following update.

In the event of an advert reaching expiry and the animal has not been sold the advert may remain marked as “Expired’ allowing potential  buyers the ability to contact the seller, the advert may remain until either it is reinstated by the seller or removed upon update.

Sellers take full responsibility for the animals they are advertising by placing an advert thus agreeing to the ‘Terms and Conditions‘

Pettortoise reserve the right to change the ‘Terms and Conditions’ at anytime without prior notice.



Captive bred Mediterranean tortoises for sale, care, and advice from experienced breeders
~ Hermans, Marginated, Greek Spur-thighed, Horsefields ~

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