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- Simple steps to license the 'Tortoise Diary' from Pet Tortoise

1 Yr License, Unlimited Tortoises, Single PC
this donation really helps towards the maintenance, development, software tools, and hosting costs.



Activation Code

First we will need the activation code (in full).

This can be found on the on the 'License Expire' window which will pop up when you select to obtain a license or the current licence has expired, copy the activation code ready to paste it on to the payment page.


2 Payment

Please make payment in your preferred currency by click one of the buy now buttons over on the right, this will take you to www.paypal.co.uk for secure online payment, before payment is complete you will find the box 'Activation Code' this is where you paste your code.

Please note: You do not need to be PaylPal Account holder to make payment.
Also we do not receive or require any credit card details of payments, this is all done by our trusted online banking 

Please choose your currency.

$29 USD

19 EUR

15 GBP

3 Complete!

Within 48 hours your license will arrive through the email address you used for payment, along with details to get you started.

We thank you for your continued support, Enjoy and come back soon.


Captive bred Mediterranean tortoises for sale, care, and advice from experienced breeders
~ Hermans, Marginated, Greek Spur-thighed, Horsefields ~

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