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Seeing your true solar potential

Thinking of Solar?

Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a significant financial commitment, it can take careful planning to shorten any potential payback period. But predicting the detailed performance of a solar PV system is extremely difficult, on a site to site basis even with feasibility studies, surveys and solar locale data there's still too many elements impacting what an installation would actually achieve.

Introducing the Solar Sniffer, a self contained solar PV energy monitor, Enabling you to view your actual solar potential and make more informed decisions before any investment

1. Set-up

Locate and install the small solar panel and monitor

2. Track your solar

Using a smart device view your charts and summaries

3. Is solar worth it?

Make informed decisions on the right system for you


Solar Sniffer

There's no denying that a solar PV system can be a great method to generate electricity, but getting the right return on your investment through careful planning can be instrumental in not only paying for itself but also reducing the length of time it can take to achieve this

The Solar Sniffer enables you to view the actual solar energy your panels would receive and how many kWh's you could be generating before you've even fitted them!
With this information its easy to see when and how much electricity your proposed KW system could generate and just how cost effective it could be

Mount the Panel

In-order to gather the most accurate data, find a suitable location to install the small panel, close to where the final PV installation would be. Fixings and brackets are not included in the kits and would need to be suitable for your application, roof, wall etc. Slotted steel and angle iron make excellent mounting brackets for walls and posts.
Each panel measures around. 34cm x 24cm each and is pre-drilled in the rear of the aluminum frame, kits are supplied with 5m leads per panel but additional longer leads can also be purchased

Connect the Monitor

Choosing a suitable location for the monitor (e.g. loft), this should be out of external elements such as sun or rain, within Wi-Fi range and USB power
Note: The entire system is low voltage, cables should be protected correctly to prevent any disconnections or shorts

Track your Solar

Using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC, You'll be able to wirelessly connect to the Solar Sniffer and review your potential solar kWh's as it gathers your data in real-time


The Solar Sniffer is a wireless solar energy monitor, providing you with live real-world data and statistics of your solar PV potential

Wireless Connectivity

Simply login to the monitor from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC to view your solar data

Compare Charts

Access your solar data, with detailed charts and summaries showing potential kWh's produced over hours, days, months and years

Live Data

Watch the live solar performance as it happens, Customisable to the kW system you choose

Self contained

The Solar Sniffer has its own internal clock and storage, Recording detailed solar performance every 10 seconds

USB Powered

Powered by a standard USB adapter, The entire Solar Sniffer is run on low voltage system

Multiple Panels

Compare multiple panels simultaneously, Various model options exist with 1, 2, 3 or 4 independent solar panels


To obtain the most accurate results its important to mount the panel(s) where you would like to site your final installation(s), including the position and tilt (e.g. roof pitch)


Check in on the Solar Sniffer as and when to view your current performance levels, this will give you a good insight as to how much energy is produced on any specific day


When you have gathered enough data you will be able to see when and how much potential electricity you could produce with a PV installation


Using this data along with your electricity usage, It's far easier to make a more informed decision as to whether a solar PV setup would be a suitable investment

Daily Charts

A detailed view of solar energy production over a 24 hour period

Multi Panel

Plotting multiple PV panels over the same chart allowing for instant visual comparisons

Monthly Charts

Bar charts showing the accumulation of solar energy across a month

Daily Summaries

Performance statistics over a day, highlighting the amount of kWh's generated, peak kW's / % and the time at which energy production started and stopped

Monthly Summaries

A list of all the days in the month with their total solar energy, showing the running total and daily average

Live Views

Instantaneous look at what happening right now!

Model Options

All kits contain our latest Solar Sniffer software, Wireless connectivity, Internal clock and enough memory for decades of solar monitoring


Single Panel Kit


  • Solar Sniffer
  • Solar PV Panel
    approx. (34cm x 24cm)
  • Panel Lead
  • USB Power Lead

Dual Panel Kit


  • Solar Sniffer
  • 2x Solar PV Panels
    approx. (34cm x 24cm) each
  • 2x Panel Leads
    (5m) each
  • USB Power Lead
  • Multi-Panel view

Triple Panel Kit



  • Solar Sniffer
  • 3x Solar PV Panels
    approx. (34cm x 24cm) each
  • 3x Panel Leads
    (5m) each
  • USB Power Lead
  • Multi-Panel view

Quadruple Panel Kit


  • Solar Sniffer
  • 4x Solar PV Panels
    approx. (34cm x 24cm) each
  • 4x Panel Leads
    (5m) each
  • USB Power Lead
  • Multi-Panel view



5m Panel Ext. Lead


  • Panel Extension Lead

10m Panel Ext. Lead


  • Panel Extension Lead

20m Panel Ext. Lead


  • Panel Extension Lead


All models require a standard USB power plug and fixings / brackets to mount the solar photovoltaic panels
The solar PV panels measure approx. 34cm x 24cm each in aluminum frames with mounting holes on the rear
Each panel is supplied with a removable 5m lead, If required longer extension leads can be purchased separately

For more information please see the FAQ section


There are various simple charts and summaries to help you view your solar data
Example screenshots of the Solar Sniffer's software at work

  • All
  • Day
  • Month
  • Summaries
  • Live

Day Chart


Day Multi Panel


Month Bar Chart


Month Summary


Live Readings


Day Summary


Day Chart


Day Multi Panel


Month Bar Chart


Day Summary


Live Readings


Month Bar Chart



Please scan through the questions and answers below

  • You will need brackets or fixings to mount your panel to either a roof, wall or post etc

    Example: DIY Wall bracket

    Using either Angle iron or Slotted steel, an 80cm piece cut into 3 pieces and can be bolted, riveted or welded to the correct position.
    A bolt on the top makes a pivot point for matching the roof pitch
    (Be mindful to go over the gutter and/or roof to prevent from any shading)

    You will also need a standard USB (Type:A 5w) charger plug, such as the ones used to charge phones and tablets, if you require a USB charger plug they are readily available at stores such as Amazon, Argos etc

  • When deciding where to install the monitor a loft or roof cavity is usually the most suitable just keep in mind several factors

    1) Distance to a power outlet
    2) Distance to the PV panel
    3) Away from external elements such as rain, water, excess heat etc

    Each panel is supplied with a 5m lead, although longer extension leads (upto 20m) are available under the 'Extras' section

    The supplied power lead is 3m, these can be extended using USB extensions which are readily available from stores such as Amazon

  • No. You simply connect to your Solar Sniffer using your web browser on your smart device.

  • The longer you can record your solar levels the better picture you'll have of the sites potential, Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn will all have the sun passing along a different route with varying intensities.

  • To monitor more locations.

    Depending on your application you may have several places you would consider installing a solar PV array (panels) e.g. a south-east roof and a south-west roof, the first could see more sun but in the morning hours when everyone is at work and the second may catch less sun but more usable as its late evening and everyone is home. These multiple locations can be compared concurrently.

    If the locations are all within approx. 20m of the monitor then a Solar Sniffer kit can simultaneously monitor upto 4 panels (dependent on model, please see options) if the locations are further then multiple kits will be required

  • Just a few simple DIY skills, Fit the photovoltaic panel in a suitable location with either brackets or fixings (depending on the surface), place the monitor somewhere dry and shaded, then plug the leads in, done.
    (No wiring or electrical knowledge required)


Please see our FAQ above, If you still have any queries regarding the Solar Sniffer please use the contact form below

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