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 What is, The Tortoise Diary ?
The 'Tortoise Diary' was developed to aid successful tortoise husbandry, Record keeping really does play an important if not crucial role towards maintaining healthy animals (in some cases it saves lives, its that important). Small changes can easily go unnoticed even to the experienced eye, the most dedicated individuals used to rely upon scribbles and jottings of some figure or other (been there) allowing for things to get over looked....

We can't stress how important preventative measures are, after all the emails we receive from tortoise keepers at there wits end with an already ill tortoise... Not to say we can simply prevent any ill health to your tortoises, but even when you're working in a reactive manner a small change needs to be spotted as quickly as possible.

Many years ago we decided to put our PC to good use and build an application which not only could help in this laborious task or record keeping but would go way beyond what paper could ever achieve. The 'Tortoise Diary' was born a tracking system which at a touch of a button could report the last years weight loss of 'terry' the tortoise in hibernation, a filing system for good house keeping one that could keep all the records neatly organised in together but then could fetch one instantly, a plotter which you could visually show the growth rate over a given time span to help diagnose health issues, weight gain or loss rate, and help to determine females which could be retaining eggs.
Numbers are great for computers and calculators but when there's pages of figures for each tortoise nothing beats a plotted graph to see a clearer picture of his / her's development, If there had been no historical data recorded much of the knowledge we have now would most certainly be lacking.

Since it all started the 'Tortoise Diary' has come on leaps and bounds, its proven very popular being one of a kind and with your help we continue to build on it with new ideas. Its now time to leave the paper on the trees the PC is here to stay
Welcome to the 'Tortoise Diary' ! ! !

  • Help Diagnose Health and Condition
  • Record Notes and Images
  • Security, Add Microchip and Photo ID
  • Visually Track Tortoise Growth
  • Gauge Hibernation Readiness
  • All Known Living Species
  • Export to Spreadsheets and Databases
  • Plot Graphs to Images JPG, BMP
  • Generate Webpages for each Tortoise
  • Now for Unlimited Tortoises!


Online video help tutorials.

1. Getting Started: Adding a Tortoise
2. Adding a record to a Tortoise
3. Creating Tortoise ID document
4. Backing up files
5. Restoring files from a backup


How long does it take
It only takes a few minutes once a month, but the more frequent the better, Your tortoise must be worth that
You too could be doing your bit to help a world survey of tortoise's in captivity.

Download and Install

Right-Click on the software box on the left,
Select 'Save Target As' and choose a location for the download file.

Alternatively you can download it here http:\\
Self extracting version here -  http:\\

When the download is complete unzip and run the 'setup.exe' this will guide you through the install procedure, once installed the program will help you get started.
If you experience any download problems please report them to the email address under 'Contact Us'

If you have an existing version installed, then please uninstall it before updating to the latest. Previous records will be safe, newer versions have the ability to read records from older formats.

To prevent installing any unauthorised software only download the 'Tortoise Diary' from this site on the link above - you can check the validity of the package with the included 'files.sfv' and your favourite free file checker such as QuickSFV


Feedback - What people are saying ...

"Tortoise Diary is a must - brilliant idea - Thank you ..."

"stacks of homemade notes can now all be found all in one place"

"I didn't realise how useful it would be to me, but now there's no going back"

"... thanks for a great little piece of software!"

"We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep this high standards in the future." - The Softpedia Team

"we find it invaluable in keeping up to date record of our beloved tortoises."

"we recently had a problem where we had to have our hard drive wiped and lost the tortoise diary, All dates and weights were backed up to a floppy disc, BUT..... the help we received was brilliant!..... A Huge THANK YOU."

"Great little program. Makes record keeping so easy."

If you would like to leave comments / feedback please email them in.


*NEW  Tortoise Diary v1.8

        Release Date: 21st September 2007
        Now available to download, including new "ID document" for
        security of your cherished tortoise(s)
        Online video tutorials added please see above on this page.

Download Tortoise Diary v1.8 - Inc. Security Doc - [exe] [zip]

System Requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, NT, Me, XP, 2000, Vista.
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4 or later.
How much does it cost  ?
Trial it free for 30 days with unlimited tortoises, all we ask is a small donation of £5 which enables us to continue to help you - this goes towards improvements, fixes, maintenance, development tools and hosting costs of the 'Tortoise Dairy' and

Previous versions are no longer supported so please update to the
Latest Version 1.8;  

To obtain a license please go here - 'Tortoise Diary - License Page'.

You don't need a PayPal account to make payment.

Only £5 (GBP)

News: Issues, Bugs, Updates

August 17, 2022
Latest Version 1.8;
As of v1.8 - Build and Print 'Security Identity Document' to help protect your tortoise(s).

Unlimited Tortoises !
Further work on ever changing - 'Scientific Names'

Work in Progress:
Online video tutorial help is now available please check above on this page for more information.

We're already updating the graph module, a few new additions including photo identity have now been added in the latest version and can be downloaded from the links above.

In order to let the 'Tortoise Diary' check for updates you may need to allow it on your firewall software.

Current license holders will receive updates and newer versions free.
Note: If you're upgrading, Please back up your data files and remove your previous version before commencing.

Issues / Bugs:
100% Vista compatible - Fixed for UAC enabled users.

Before reporting any issues or bugs please check you have the latest version installed by performing the update as above.
Feel free to contact us with comments and ideas.

Contact Us


Notice Board: 

Offspring available to caring homes, please go here
To see some pictures please visit the
Tortoise Gallery


The Tortoise Diary - v1.8
Keep track of your tortoise(s)! - [here]

  • Help Diagnose Health and Condition
  • Security, Add Microchip and Photo ID
  • Gauge Hibernation Readiness
  • Generate Webpages for each Tortoise
  • Now for Unlimited Tortoises!
  • more ...

  Taking notes, a must for all tortoise keepers....

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All documentation either on site or awaiting publication is subject to work in progress, so please book mark us and keep visiting.


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