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Tortoise Table
( heated, indoor tortoise house )

After being asked time and time again for an enclosure,

Our first option is to point to numerous "Care Sheets" and DIY set-ups, this we feel is the best way.
Although we understand this is not an option for everyone, So we then point to some high street retailers
but occasionally we find some are misinformed, purchasing everything from heat mats to glass tanks...

For this reason we put together this basic long awaited pack to try and help those struggling with the above.

Please note:
We are enthusiasts not professional designers, cabinet makers or experts.
We are also unable to supply matching draws, wardrobes, bedside cupboards, or cabinets, if possible DIY.

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This is a basic set-up which includes the main housing elements, no electrical wiring or drilling is required!
All you will need is a cross slot screw driver, and a hammer to assemble the kit.


  What is Supplied ?
  Elements    Details

  Laminated wood sides and base, screws, and pins

  Heating    Moveable basking lamp
  Lighting    UVB tube, starter, fixings
    All you need to supply is the decor and imagination!

Assembled in 5 easy steps!


copyright  www.pettortoise.co.uk

copyright  www.pettortoise.co.uk

1.  Using the brackets already fastened to the front and back position the sides and screw together.

2.  Secure the base with the pins provided.



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copyright  www.pettortoise.co.uk

3.  Position the basking lamp.


4.  Push on the UV starter caps, Position and fasten the UV tube.


copyright  www.pettortoise.co.uk

5.  Finally decorate with imagination, and your done.

Well there it is, Our simple and practical solution to housing for the hatchling tortoise.

Notice Board: 

Offspring available to caring homes, please go here
To see some pictures please visit the
Tortoise Gallery


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