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Pokes, Cheats and Trainer!

Did you manage to complete Jetset willy ? Manic Miner ? No?
You have a game which is just to difficult or just think it needs a little fixing??? Yes ?
You're in the right place, Cheat!

There are plenty of cheats on the WWW to get the average inpatient cheat to the end of the most difficult of games and this is how to use the information.

Mainly the way to cheat on a ZX Spectrum was to have a hardware interface which could stop execution of the running code/game "our target" and allow the user to play with the memory contents, This could be you have 1 life left you find where this data is stored and you increase it.

Well worry no longer we have this type of interface built right in to the emulator always waiting and undetectable.

So what will you need? The same information you needed in the 80's where the address of the value you would like to change (POKE) and the value you would like to change it too (POKE into it). A good place to start is The Tipshop search for the game you're interested in and obtain the address & value of the poke(s) you require.

Example: I search for Manic Miner and I find a list of cheats, on the list a cheat for "Infinite Lives" this interests me!
The details are "Infinite Lives 35136,0"

So from this informtion we can see we need to POKE address 35136 with the value of 0.

Z80 Assembler
To do this we first load the game in our case "manic miner" then open the Menu | Tools | Poke, type in the details we obtained for the cheat and close the poke window,

We now have Infinite lives Woohoo! But what if I wanted to use this cheat a lot! or there were several addresses I needed to POKE do I need to do this each time..??!!!!. NO! There is an easier way...

For a poke you would like to execute regularly then the best way is to make a trainer file (.pke) this is super easy all you need is notepad or your fav text editor.

Create a new text document and inside this place a POKE address(comma)value(semicolon)(comment) on each line, and save the file with extension .pke

We have included an example .pke in the games folder of the emulator to get you started:

Example .pke contents

35136,0; Infinite Lives
34798,0; Infinite Oxygen
34799,0; Infinite Oxygen
34800,0; Infinite Oxygen
36160,0; No Horizontal Nasties

So from now on all you have to do is load your game and then drag and drop you .pke on to the emulator! Simple.
You can also share this trainer file with other cheaters! shhhhhhsh.

Using the navigation menu on the right please read the Help documentation before e-mailing questions on "HOW TO"

However if you are unable to find what you are looking for please use the contact page as there may be others with the same question and we can answer it here for future reference.

Thanks for reading, please if you can help out do so - Enjoy ZXSpectrum4.net Team.

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