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This is page is a basic guide for new users

The menu and tape buttons are disabled in the free unregistered version of the emulator, to activate the advanced functionality please help support the project by registering, it is only £10! (for hundreds of hours of research and coding)

How do I load a game (tape) ?

Loading a game:
Firstly you need find the game you would like to play in a recognized format, The most commonly used a are '.tzx' if you downloaded this of the internet then its likely to be inside a .zip file, So open the zip file and extract the .tzx file, now drag and drop the .tzx file onto the Spectrum's TV Screen, and the Spectrum will automatically start to load the tape.


How do I save a game for later ?

Saving a game:
The best way to save a game is to press F6 or (go to the menu and Load and Save then 'Save Mem'), Choose a file name and a place to save it to, this will save the entire memory so when you want to continue just press F5 or (go to the menu and Load and Save then 'Load Mem') and select the file, You'll be back to the point you saved it.

If you want to save a program to a tape virtual or real, firstly get the spectrum to the point at which you would press Record on the cassette player, Press the 'tape' button and on the 'Tape Deck' screen press record (the red circle) give the tape a name and place a folder to place it in, go back to the TV screen and start the Spectrum saving, once its finished go to the cassette deck and press 'Pause' (the 2 lines) and this will end the recording. The tape you have produced is a '.wav' audio file you can load this into the spectrum by drag and drop or using the 'Tape Deck' window.

Also if you would like to load this into a real Spectrum plug the headphones socket on you PC into the Mic socket on a real cassette recorder, with a blank cassette inserted press record on the cassette recorder and play the .wav with any media player which supports '.wav', windows will be able to play this natively with Media Player, you can now use that tape with your real spectrum, This also works if you record a tape on a real Spectrum plug the tape deck into the PC via the line IN and the cassette deck line' out / headphone' and capture the audio into a wav, now you can use that .wav on the emulator.

NOTE: You may have to adjust the volume controls to get it right.


Selecting a joystick

The emulator will obtain the joystick from windows, so check in windows control panel first to see if windows has found it.
Start the emulator and press 'menu' and go to 'controllers' select the first joystick by clicking 'JOY1' for the initial test select Sinclair, The Sinclair interface will map the joystick actions to the keys 5,6,7,8 and 0, return to the ZX Spectrum start screen and move the joystick and you should see the numbers appearing on the screen.

Remember the game itself will need to have a joystick option and support the Kempston or Sinclair interface.

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